智慧城市— 台北車站解決方案

專案摘要Executive Summary
Taipei Main Station has six different rail systems, there are over 520 thousands people in and out, so for improving the traffic flow of Taipei Main Station, and the aim to change Taipei into the smart city, Taipei City Government plan to promote smart train station project in specific area for making people in Taipei Main Station know their position by smart phones and set the destination to find the roads clearly without getting lost.

There are Taiwan Railways, High Speed Rail, MRT, and Airport MRT in Taipei Main Station, plus Taipei transfer station and underground market, over 520 thousands people in and out, so when general citizens enter Taipei Main Station, face complex traffic flow, they often lost and cannot find the right way to the destination, not to mention foreigners coming to sightseeing, Taipei Main Station is like a maze, it would take them too much time to arrive their destinations. ​

Taipei City Government want to build a smart Taipei Main Station, not only build sidewalk indications, interact electric board, plan and design indoor navigation APP, and know the position by smart phone, then the user can set the destination and find roads clearly. This solution is the perfect synergy between technology and usability to allow the Taipei Main Station visitors to navigate within and around the Taipei Main Station without ever getting lost.

無論民眾在那裡搭火車,吃東西或是購物,Askey 的智能城市解決方案都可以幫助使用者輕鬆地完成。 Askey首席執行官林先貴表示:“Askey在製造和開發最先進的信息技術產品和解決方案方面的成功和專業知識被廣泛認可。我們認為應該把專業知識應用於我們美麗的城市,無論是室內還是室外導航,停車指導或只是休閒娛樂建議,Askey都開發了Kiosks和App來引導每個人。
Whether they are there to catch a train, have something to eat or do some shopping, the Askey Smart City Solution is there to make it all a breeze.
Askey CEO Robert Lin (林成貴) said “Askey is widely recognized for its success and expertise in the manufacturing and development of state of the art information technology products and solutions. We thought that we should bring our expertise to serve our beautiful city and make it as enjoyable and innovative as possible. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor navigation, parking guidance or simply recommendation to have a great time, Askey has developed Kiosks and an App that will guide everyone.”
With this new development, Askey is bringing the urban experience to a whole new level. While we know that Indoor navigation can be a challenge, thanks to Askey, the complex structure of the Taipei Main Station – often referred to as a maze – is easily decoded in an easy to use indoor navigation solution combining Kiosks and an App. The App locates the user in real time and indicates the path towards the point of interest.


關於亞旭電腦(股)公司 Askey Computer Inc.
亞旭電腦是世界知名品牌「ASUS」旗下子公司一員,專門為當今要求最佳智能連接環境的客戶製造通信設備,創造解決方案和生態系統。亞旭電腦產品線完整,從寬頻網路產品,如xDSL、Cable Modem、WLAN、VoIP、Set Top Box、PDT、寬頻路由器等,到光纖產品GPON、GPS及高階整合型產品,隨著數位家庭、智慧車載產品市場需求不斷創新研發。且自成立以來,Askey電腦公司一直是主要通信提供商以及全球電信運營商的首選合作夥伴。
Askey Computer Corp., a subsidiary company of world-famous ASUS Computer Inc., specializes in manufacturing communication devices and creating solutions and ecosystems for clients who want the best in smart connected environments. Askey has complete products line, from broadband internet products, like xDSL, Cable Modem, WLAN, VoIP, Set Top Box, PDT and broadband routers etc. to optical fiber products GPON, GPS and high-end integrated products, they would research and develop more products and solutions with the market demands growth of digital house and smart products. Since its creation, Askey Computer Inc. has been the preferred partner for major communications providers as well as telecom operators worldwide.